Gladys Nobriga is a sound based performance artist, comedian, writer, poet, and activist experimenting with found objects, contact mics, textures, range, analog formats, present moments, and emotions. Through raw avant-garbage performance art, they aim to breakdown societal barriers, abolish oppressive systems, and empower communities.

1990. Born in Queens, NY (Munsee Lenape and Matinecock), raised in Miami, FL (Myaamia and Shawnee land), with deep roots in Venezuela (Wayuú land).

Currently haunting the occupied Leni Lenape land called Philadelphia, PA.


Group: https://www.citylightsgallery.org/divine-knowing/


Feed Your Head Collective

“We endeavor to book shows, offer resources, release music, engage the community, share underground arts & culture for freaks with visions creating vibrant movements. DIY always.”


Important work that has affected my life and all of ours.

Undue Influence.

Donors are exerting undue influence on colleges and universities nationwide to further a corrupt agenda that centers corporations and efforts to roll back social and economic progress.

 Spring Up


To buy any of my work, send the corresponding code next to each work to any of the options below. or let’s be pen pals?

Paypal: xxgladysnobriga@gmail.com
Cashapp: $fyhc
Venmo: @fyhcc


Thank you for the support and thank you for all that you do.

Follow your passions.

Fight for what is right.

Take care of and be mindful of each other.

Never let anyone take your spirit away.

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