8 Sog9 Static13 Good Deeds Go Unnoticed16 Dodge17 To Always


Lately I’ve been a little bit uncontrollable
Definitely vulnerable
Step in to my mind so you can see i’m
Can you believe that there are people,
Who think others are disposable?
Can’t fathom this logical
They tip toe, remain hypnotic
Is you a sin
Or is you a saint?
I don’t want to hear one more single complaint
This is the life that we’re given
Troubles and sorrows
We must all be forgiven
Work for the world that you see and believe
Never let anyone pluck out your leaves
Never surrender and never concede
Remember, never let nobody lead you to believe
Sean Daly said it
And i’ll keep screamin’ it at full speed
Be accountable for the seeds that you grow
Water it, weed it, and watch it explode
Step in to my arms
It’s love that I hold

Fixing a Hole with Time and Space

Every day, more is forgotten
Like the way you looked at me after we rode our bicycles for over 15 miles
Smiling, ear to ear
Sweating so much the beads formed small puddles in your glasses
You looked inside me, not at me
A hug so comforting, I almost melted into you

It’s been so long
I can’t remember what you did next, what you said, what you felt like
This hole keeps getting bigger
I’ve tried to fix it
I’ve patched it, nailed it shut, spackled and stuffed it
But months pass, years even
The hole keeps getting bigger

And every day I forget more
And I’m scared


The Ripple

My Life, a mirage of shadows
No one or thing stays too long

I become the Rhythm

The endless waves
The sleek terrain
The stoops outside the doors
The kenda tires on cement floors
Yeah, I’ll see you later

The Rhythm pushes against my lungs

I probably won’t, never actually did
But there’s solace in the vibrations
The coordinated instrumentation

Become the Rhythm


No. 27

Often times it’s there, sitting and watching
It’s intoxicating, the way you stare
Sitting and watching

You creep as my lungs fill with dark musk
You seep through the pores on my fingers
I despise and adore you for your lifeless idle state

A simple flick of fire as I press you to my lips
Thin swirling clouds circle me like a pack of wolves
Ready to devour

Is this a disease or is this suicide?


Slurry Bill Murray

You ever feel like there’s a spider on your back?
Suppose the term is monkey on your back
But spiders are smaller, creepy and crawly
Some could kill you in one bite
That’s pretty damn nerve racking

Monkeys on the other hand
A monkey on your back is like finding a bottle of cheap, great tasting whiskey
One you forgot you saved
Quite a pleasant surprise

But what was my point?
Oh yeah, can I have another one of these with some booze in it?

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